Statement of Faith of Salisbury Community Bible Church


We affirm our faith in the Bible, as the inerrant and inspired Word of God, containing a sufficient revelation of God’s will to man in order to secure his eternal salvation and perfect in its system of religion and moral teachings and precepts;


We affirm our faith in the Deity of Jesus Christ, who was supernaturally conceived by the Holy Ghost, and born of the virgin Mary, free from moral taint of nature, and perfect in His life and conduct;


We affirm our faith in the expiatory death, and vicarious atonement of Christ, which adjusted matters in the government of God so that mercy and grace could be extended to the sinner;


We affirm our faith in the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead; that He rose with the same body that was placed in the tomb, supernaturally transformed from its physical properties to that of spiritual;


We affirm our faith in his ascension to the right hand of the Father, and that He now occupies the throne of His mediation;


We affirm our faith in the doctrine and promise of His second coming “in like manner” as He went away;


We affirm our faith in the creator of man by the immediate creative act of God, according to the Bible narrative, and not by the process of evolutionary transition from a lower order of animalism to his present physical and intellectual condition;


We affirm our faith in the doctrine of the fall of man from that holy state in which he was created, to his present sinful and depraved state, “and of his own nature is inclined to evil continually”;


We affirm our faith in the doctrine of regeneration, or the “new birth” by which the sinner becomes a child of God, through faith in Jesus Christ by which the sinner is delivered from the power of sin, and is enabled through grace to love and serve God;


We affirm our faith in the doctrine of entire sanctification, by which work of grace the heart is cleansed by the Holy Spirit from all inbred sin through faith in Jesus when the believer presents himself a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable unto God and is enabled through grace to love God with all his heart and to walk in His holy commandments blameless.  By the act of cleansing it is to be interpreted and taught by the ministry and teachers that is not a “suppression” or a “counteraction” of “liberated sin” so as to “make it imperative”, but to “destroy” or “to eradicate” from the heart so that the believer not only has a right to heaven, but is so conformed to God’s nature that he will enjoy God and heaven forever.  These terms are what we hold that that cleansing from all sin implies.