Sunday School Schedule for January to July 2016


“Be” Attitudes for the New Year

10  Be a “forgiver”  David Newton

In today’s world of violence, Jesus teaches forgiveness!

 17  Be a peacemaker   Danny Flowers

It’s easier to never start a squabble than to try to end it!

24  Be Pure in Heart    Kevin Newcome

How does being pure in heart show up in everyday life?

31  Be a Student—Understanding Difficult Bible Passages—Rick Grubbs

What in the world does that verse mean?



7   When Relationships collide—A Biblical Approach—Dale Stottsberry

Christians that can’t get along?  Better learn how to handle it!

14  My spouse—my best friend   Jerry and Mandy Dean

Happy Valentine’s Day!


21  History TBA   Doug Huband

28  History TBA  Doug Huband


6  Follow up and reports from Bus Convention

13 Becoming a friendly Christian   Jerry Dean

Christians should be the friendliest people on earth--Come with a smile!

20  The Purpose of Money  Rick Grubbs

What is all the green stuff for anyway?

27  Easter Directed by Liz Flowers and held at the school

A special Easter morning at the school!


Questions Jesus Asked Series

3  Matthew 5:43-48  Do not the publicans the same?  Love your enemies  David Newton  Isis, mass murderers, cheaters—love them all!

10   Make all you can, Save all you can, Give all you can—Rick Grubbs

This is tax week—thoughts before you send in your taxes!

17  Questions Jesus Asked    Why do you worry?  Danny Flowers

Stressed?  Anxious?  God says don’t worry at all…

24  Guest Speaker from Penn View with Penn View Choir


1  National Day of Prayer—Eric Thompson

It’s time for all America to pray…

8  Mother’s Day--  Honoring our mothers-- Matt Beaver, Pam Dean, Titus Dorman, Tammy Newcome  Honoring the mother of my children  Kevin Newcome

15  Pentecost—What really happened on Pentecost?  Eric Thompson

Retelling the story of what really happened on the day of Pentecost

Divided Ladies and Men.  Men meet at the school

22  Men--Leading Sons to become Men    John Sherman and Doug Huband

Ladies—Continuation of Book “Lies Women Believe” Lie:  Physical Beauty Matters More—Pam Dean

29  Men--Topic of Choice by Pastor

Ladies-- Continuation of Book “Lies Women Believe”  Lie:  I should not have to live with unfulfilled longing—Angela Thompson


5 Men—Protecting Your Family   Jerry Dean

Ladies   Continuation of Book “Lies Women Believe”—Dealing with Depression and what the Bible says—Summer Grubbs

12  Loving your Wife/Respecting your husband.  Men and ladies will exchange written comments the week before.  John Sherman—Men, Mandy Dean—ladies

19  Men—Father’s Day—What my father did right…David Newton*

Ladies  Continuation of Book “Lies Women Believe”—I can’t help the way I am/the way I act/react.  Arlene Cober

26  Men—Pastor

Ladies  Continuation of Book “Lies Women Believe”—Facing Life’s Changes/the seasons of life—Carrie Grubbs


July 3  Men: Titus Dorman—Surviving and thriving through Failure

Ladies  “Lies Women Believe”—Accepting Circumstances  Sandra Huband