We are involved in both local and foreign missions.  Our monthly meeting is the first Wednesday of each month at 7:30 p.m.


See you at Rowan County Fair where we will be having a booth in the vendor hall.  Below is the schedule of volunteers for the week.


This schedule is still being changed so please check back before you go.  Thank you for being flexible--I'm trying to work everyone in and fit everyone's schedule:4


Friday, September 19  Grubbs  4-10

Saturday, September 20  1-5  Brianna, Joy, Rebecca Flowers    5-10  Eric Thompson

Sunday, September 21  Eric Thompson 1-5  Grubbs  5-10

Monday, September 22  Archibalds 4-7 Ricky, Royal, Ben Flowers and Liz Flowers  7-10

Tuesday, September 23  Summer, Stephen and Rebecca 4-10

Wednesday, September 24  Joy and Brianna 4-6  Titus Dorman and Evan Newton 6-7:30  Pam Dean and Carrie Grubbs 7:30-10  

Thursday, September 25  Jerry and Mandy 4-10

Friday, September 26  Kevin Newcome and Cathy Mabe  4-10

Saturday, September 27  Tara and Pearl  1-5  Eric Thompson  5-10